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Gail Hastings



Hi, my name is Tatanisha “Gail” Hastings, I’m mom of two awesome boys – Jemeir, 19 and Ayden, 12. Like most kids, Ayden believes the world revolves around him and thinks he runs everything from his parents, to his brother and the entire household…sounds like the typical 12-year-old, right.


I recently decided to relocate from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and make Atlanta my new home. I remember trips to the city and falling in love with the food, people and all the real estate around me from my very first visit. From the soul food at the local restaurants to the welcoming Atlanta hospitality to the most unique buildings with their crafty yet amazing decor! It was then my trips went from once a year to once a week. I had to be a part of this exceptional city and explore the amazing opportunities that the Atlanta Real Estate market has to offer.

I’m more excited than ever to put my 6 years of Real Estate knowledge and experience to work, helping as many families as I can realize home ownership so partnering with a company that shares in my values and demonstrates a culture that I believe in was most important to me. My initial contact with IMAJIN Real Estate & Consulting founder, Iman, was revitalizing, as at that moment I experienced something unique in Real Estate. She spoke of client relationship development by being a resource hub, generational wealth through sustainable real estate and the significance of educating our clients on how to live more sustainably. I’ve always only focused on “traditional” real estate selling and was blown away by her refreshing, out-of-the-box ideas of how to really help our clients in more ways than one. Owning a home is the American dream for just about everyone, but what if you had the tools and information to create generational wealth through your Real Estate? Would you look at Real Estate differently? Well, as a mom of two, I most certainly did!


Let me show you how to transform the American dream to the legacy you leave for your family. Schedule an appointment today!

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