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Iman Jenkins



I'm Iman! Real Estate Broker/Developer, mom to Azuri, 15, and Averi, 10, and Green Living Consultant for the environmentally-conscious (and those kinda sorta thinking about it).


When people hear the word 'Sustainable' I swear the first thing that comes to mind is tofu and Impossible burgers, but living sustainably is so much more than the food we consume. It’s a conscious effort to use products that are not only beneficial to ourselves but that are less harmful to the environment. Once I discovered that the very homes we live in can be just as eco-friendly as a vegan leather jacket, there was no looking back!


I founded IMAJIN Real Estate & Consulting to educate home buyers of the ability to build real, generational wealth through sustainable, earth-friendly real estate and spread awareness of the impact sustainable living has on our lives, future generations and the environment. There is so much green in green! Did I mention I moonlight as a comedian? I’m here all week folks.


Besides being a total green geek, I’m also a #shoplocal girl at heart. So when home-schooling is done and client meetings are wrapped, you can find me hitting up my fav local boutiques for some unique + organic finds --- literally my definition of self-care. It’s also hard to let a weekend pass without grabbing a homegrown meal from one of my favorite family-owned restaurants or stockpiling veggies from my neighborhood farmers market. My one mainstream fix though - a Grande soy white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. This is a no-judgement zone, right? I mean, at least I drink my guilty pleasure out of a refillable tumbler!


Want to know more about Sustainable Real Estate? Well I’m your girl! Head over to our blog for some quick reads, start a quick chat through our chat feature or click the Let's Chat button!

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