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  • Iman Jenkins

Green is the New Black

Why building green or updating existing homes with green features is not just a trend.

Can a home be luxurious and sustainable at the same time? Earth conscious luxury is no longer the ambiguous phenomenon it once was in the past. Sustainable and structural architecture along with the use of sustainable materials in construction and design have made green alternative dwelling solutions more of a reality than ever before. We’ll explore why incorporating green features in new construction and home renovations are life – and energy savers – literally.

What’s it cost?

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room – the cost. Contrary to popular misconception, building green or renovating to improve energy efficiency is more affordable than one might believe. As green practices and the use of green products increases, prices in the green product market have decreased over time and will continue to be driven down by supply and competition. I can imagine that breaking the bank is a top of mind concern for many who are considering buying new or updating but the dropping costs of green features have made these options a desirable and attainable reality, allowing customers to build or renovate the green home of their dreams at all price levels. While some large ticket green home elements like alternative roof options or insulation replacement on a renovation, for example, may be slightly pricier than conventional materials, the costs are undoubtedly recouped through energy savings, minimal maintenance, increased health benefits, and decreased environmental impact.

With all of these advantages, why not improve the quality of your home or buy a new energy-efficient home and reduce your carbon footprint with an array of green options that fit within your budget. Click the link for your free consultation.

Means and Methods (Materials/Container/Prefab)

Eco-friendly practice is not an entirely new concept, with the use of locally sourced sustainable materials being a commonplace practice in the past, however, alternative green materials and building methods is a new and innovative breath of fresh air in the way of green living initiatives and is quickly gaining mainstream momentum. Whether building a new home or remodeling your existing home, alternative roof materials, LED lighting, Energy Star windows/systems/appliances, smart technology such as programmable thermostats, low-flow faucets and tankless water heaters are green home features that work together to improve your home’s energy efficiency and longevity of your home’s systems.

The future is bright in the way of building methods and as we’ve watched the use of alternative building materials gain ever-growing momentum, alternative dwelling solutions are doing the same. Alternative methods of construction such as modular or prefab homes are acceptable forms of sustainable construction and becoming increasingly popular is the use of shipping containers as they withstand high winds, flooding and extreme temperatures making them practically indestructible. And they can be just as opulent and marvelous as their stick-frame counterparts. To simply answer the question asked at the beginning of the blog – Oh yeah! So believe all the hype, dive in feet first – fully informed of course – and let’s talk preapproval for your new energy efficient masterpiece.

To learn more about alternative dwelling solutions like modular and container homes, visit

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